How Create wordpress sitemap using google XML site map plugin?

While we come to indexing factor in Google ,Bing search engines you need sitemaps in XML formats. These sitemaps make our site indexing faster and once we get indexed we appear in search engines.


wordpress sitemap

wordpress sitemap

But here the big question comes is how to generate sitemaps for your wordpress blog. In wordpress you have many plugins that perform this job. Today we are going to talk about such plugin that helps you to generate sitemaps without any problem and use this plugin to generate our blog sitemap this may help you.


Google XML sitemaps plugin to Create WordPress sitemap:

There are many site map generation plugins like wordpress seo by  yost added this feature but we prefer to use Google Xml site maps plugin. Which is a free plugin and easy to use. This a dynamic sitemap where there no need of frequently updating this sitemap. When a new release of blog post appears it gets automatically updated. That’s the reason we are consistently using this plugin to submit our sitemap to all major search engines.

Google XML sitemaps WordPress plugin install this plugin from your dashboard and activate this plugin.

The move to settings>XML-Sitemap

Then click on click here  your site map gets automatically generated in second.

google XML sitemaps plugin

google XML sitemaps plugin


WordPress Sitemap Page

 That’s it about the generation of site map with Google XML sitemaps.

From official site

Google XML Sitemap


Google XML Sitemap

Google XML sitemaps WordPress plugin help to create dynamic wordpress sitemap and it is compatible with all major search engines and all you need to do is submit the sitemap to search engines.


Features of Google XML sitemap
  • User interface to customize all parameters like priorities etc.
  • Available in many languages
  • Generates automatically a sitemap for all types of WordPress pages
  • Calculates a priority for each post, based on the number of comments
  • Notifies, Google, MSN Live Search and YAHOO about changes via ping
  • Includes a WordPress filter for other plugins which can add their pages to the sitemap
  • Generates a static XML file as well as a zipped version

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