Delete old post revisions in wordpress with post revision control plugin.

Revision Control Plugin |WordPress Plugins Tutorial

WordPress automatically saves the post in the form of revision. This feature is updated in wordpress since version 2.6.

Revision Control Plugin

Revision Control Plugin

WordPress AutoSaves the post in the form of revisions and this feature is useful when browser crashes, power outage, computer crashes etc. this is very useful and but deleting those revisions is also important. This all post revision may create a huge data base and its important to clear all the old post revisions as and then when you publish.

When I got know about this feature for every post I got about 20-30 revision and I decided to delete all the revisions and decided to save post revisions present working post and I luckily got a plugin call post revision control.

I got about 5000 post revisions but I got tensed how to delete all these post revision at a time.


A wordpress plugin helps to control post revision |WordPress Plugins Tutorial

But post revision wordpress plugin is very helpful to delete as well as limit the post revisions. You can configure the plugin to delete post revisions or disable post revision feature completely.

my post revisions

WordPress limit posts

WordPress limit posts

We just suggest you to keep post revisions up to 10 limit because it may be useful in any case for you.

You can also clean these post revisions through wp-optimize plugin.

Once again I stress that don’t disable post revision completely.

LINK: Post revision control wordpress plugin

This WordPress limit posts revision plugin is very useful for bloggers to keep their blog Db optimized


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