Share a Video of Size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp

Learn how to Share a Video size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp:- No doubts why Whatsapp has obtained a 4.6 ranking in Google play store. As we all know that Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger that is broadly available for android and different smartphone users. It is free application for the first year and after we have to pay 0.99 USD for it, which is moderately cheap as on this era of inflation the fee is basically negligible. It is one of the most downloaded and top rated apps in Google play retailer, which itself tells the success of this utility. 

Share a Video of Size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp

In which way we can overcome the problem of Sharing a Video of Size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp.

Now right here arises a query that we need to know the drawback or con of Whatsapp. A very simple answer to the query is that these days’ smartphones are the development of the technology. High paid smartphones have got high end features. Because of which once we click a picture or make a video (HD) its measurement is fairly massive, despite the fact that we operate the digital camera for 20-30 seconds the size of the output will probably be quite huge and after which if we wish to share it with a pal or member of the family, we won’t be able to do so as Whatsapp is not able to share a file of size more than 16 MB. Although photography and audio messages don’t occupy large space so here we are in particular speaking in regards to the video messages

Here we have way to share  a Video of Size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp

Now we know why movies occupy this kind of large space (as a result of the heavy characteristics) and why we are not in a position to share them in Whatsapp. So now comes the query about how one can share a video of size more than 16 MB in Whatsapp.

Video Converter Android is an ideal app for compressing the size of the video. So after decreasing the size of the video which you can send it without any further problems.

Share a Video of Size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp

Download Video Converter Android

About Video Converter  Android to Video size more Than 16 MB in Whatsapp:

Video Converter Android is an excellent app that allows you to send videos of dimension higher than 16 MB in whatsapp. It’s on hand within the Google play store at no cost. It is a highly featured app and helps the person in various ways.


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