Tricks to avoid Gmail data loss

Gmail data loss discussion

Are you using Google apps for business purpose, then mail sending app like Gmail is very important in your daily activities. The mails contains the details related to your company that may from you higher authorities or lower authorities or else you may have business deals from the world. Gmail is the most convenient environment which has user-friendly interface where all the employees of your company can access the stuff from the same interface, if you use pop or IMAP to route company messages from your company domains to your  account.

gmail data loss

gmail data loss

It very important to know about the features and limitations, especially when you are using Google’s server space for placing a backup of your mails. For instance, Gmail does allow you to restore Gmail emails that you have deleted that currently reside in your trash folder, which can help you to backup mail but sometimes it get permanently deleted. That may contain valuable info that may price heavy cost.

This is post on my personal experience.

Prevent data loss from Gmail by knowing its limitations and features: Gmail data loss

30 days Gmail trash limit.

According to Gmail application, massage can remain in trash box up to 30days from deleted date. If you think of restore Gmail messages then you can move to your trash. Better option is not to move messages to trash keep them in Gmail.

In the case of permanently deleted mails

Once you click on permanently delete button then the information is permanently out and Google its self cannot retrieve data for you. Take care accidentally don’t click on permanent delete button if there is any data that you may want to keep in your trash.

Archive, don’t delete

You may understand the above cases but Google has included the ability to archive messages and data with their mail service. This service removes messages from your inbox instead of placing them into trash these mails will be saved to your archive if you create. Archiving of messages is the best way to keep your mails safe.

Remember to back up your Gmail emails:

There many applications like Backupify that allow you to back up emails of multiple Gmail accounts. Backupify conducted a survey and finalized that 69% of data loss in Gmail is due to user errors.

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